Well, a new version is born! This version was tested with 2300+ users...without any problem ;) I thank all beta-testers for this tests.

This version introduce a new release system too.

1. Full Setup Package
There will be one full setup package which contains all files (console version, service version, plugins, sources). Simply choose what you want to install.
Thank to Nullsoft to provide a powerfull installer system and HS NIS EDIT to provide a good open source script GUI.

2. Compression format
We use now, a more 'open' compression format: zip

I know lot of you waiting about an interface...Now (core is stable) we work on...but if you've some graphic skills, drop a mail :)

A new version is available. PlugIns project is updated too.
A french translation of faq is available in doc manager.
Well, this new web site is not really the best web site...btw it contains all necessary informations, and I can update the news section now!
A new project is born! This project will host all (official) plugins. If you want to contribute...
A faq is available in english (french version is planned...if you want to contribute and translate in your language, you're welcome!)